Things to do With the Kids

Build a Play House

As soon as your little ones can navigate there way through the backyard by on their own, you know it’s time to give them shelter. They need four walls and a roof, they need a playhouse. Settling with lattice, as the main building element and colorful canvas for the roof should do the trick. To make your job even simpler, opting for high durable plastic lattice, which not only, requires no painting but no maintenance as well, is splinter-free.

This lattice element would allow your children and their friends to stick little “knick-knacks” on the playhouse. You can build an entire playhouse is less then 10 hours.

Here are a few tips to help you when you’re building:
• Grade the site before you begin construction.
• Using screws and speed drills, instead of nails and hammer would make the construction easier.
Approximate cost of materials:
• Pressure treated: $250
• Cedar $340

Build a go cart What better way to sped the time is when your child feels the wind on his face while steering and driving a vehicle he helped construct himself. Plus, it makes for a great introduction some basic mechanics.

For material, all you’ll need is:

• Half a sheet of plywood.
• A couple of 2 x 4 studs
• A closet rod
• Some hardware and paint