How can you contribute to Art and Craft?

We were not born equal, intellectually or creatively – which means that we are different in ways we perceive and differentiate between water, oil and acrylic colours. For an artist, these are different mediums to express his emotions, just like for a gambler online casinos; for a banker, these are just paints! I have come across people who would like to stimulate the right side of the brain that has been associated with the realm of creativity but don’t know how to.

So if you are one of the ‘not so arty but willing to learn’ types, I have put together four ways you can help appreciate and support craft and boost your karma meter:

1.  My first suggestion is to buy locally. Ask around your neighbourhood, friends, and colleagues for crafters they might know who create interesting products. Crafters usually rely on word of mouth marketing and your effort in finding out about them will be appreciated in the local community. Instead of running to the mall for a new muffler, ask if someone knits around your area.

2.  Use your free time to read crafting and DIY blogs, visit websites like Etsy and Novica. If you are a Facebook addict, visit small business pages on Facebook and ‘like’ them. These creative channels are bound to keep you busy and entertained for hours. You will be amazed at the creativity that the Social media revolution has been able to unearth.

3. Crafters work with a lot of dedication and passion on their piece of art. Leave interesting and enthusiastic comments on crafting blogs that you read and business pages that you visit. There is nothing like a ‘pat on the back’ even if you don’t end up buying.

4. Finally, start a blog of your own, or easier, a Pinterest page to save interesting work that you see on the internet. It will serve as a diary for novel ideas and links to beautiful wares. It will prove handy when you are ready to update your curtains or buy Christmas decorations.