Creating a Memory Wall

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly lost your digital camera or forgot the password for your Picasa account? When was the last time you printed a photograph and pinned it on the wall?

Technology has overtaken our lives so quickly with smartphones, tablets, and even online casinos which offer us heaps of free money in form of casino bonus, we don’t even realize what would happen if we were to suddenly loose it all. We spend time making memories and capturing them so why not spend time in preserving them. A Memory wall is an easy idea to do exactly and craft memory wall

You would need lots of photographs, frames in different shapes and sizes, nails and an empty wall. Spend time selecting your favourite digital photographs and print them out in same or different sizes depending on your choice. Select the wall where you best picture these frames. This will also act as a little retreat on those really crazy days.

Frame the photos, and try various options of placement on the wall. If you are not sure, cut newspaper in the sizes of the frames and tape the cut pieces of paper on the wall to find your most inspiring placement. Once you are satisfied, drill the nails in position and hang the frames. The wall will flood your home with memories.

Choose frames in a single colour for balance and uniformity. Add an element of fun by using frames in different colours, shapes and sizes. If this isn’t enough frame knick knacks from family trips like air tickets, theme park tickets, a magnet, bus tickets and a map together to form a joyful remembrance of an unforgettable journey!