Flower brooches for your T-shirt

Most women, like me end up buying more clothes than they will ever wear. At any point in time, there will be at least 30% clothes that have never been worn. Probably these are ones that never get thrown out and take up precious space in the wardrobe. Add homemade flower brooches to perk up these boring plain t-shirts into a chic piece of clothing. Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration!

flower_brooch.jpgStart with a trip to your favorite hobby store. Buy a needle and white thread, if you don’t already have. Also look for beautiful broad ribbons, buttons, laces or sequins and felt. Look for pretty colors that match your t-shirt. You can also use old printed t-shirts to create your flowers and skip buying the ribbons.

Cut the fabric into a 8cm x 42 cm rectangular strip. If you have ribbons and laces, just cut them in a length of approximately 40 cms.  Not use running stitches to create ruffles on one end of the fabric strip. Pull the thread to create a circular disc shape. You can also create pleats by pinching the fabric with your finger and continue until the fabric strip takes a circular shape. Put one end of the fabric over the other and stitch the ends neatly together in a doughnut shape.

Create similar discs with other material like laces and ribbons. Decrease the length of the fabric strip for each layer. So, if the first layer is 40cms in length, keep the next at 35cms and reduce accordingly. Once you have at least 4 – 5 such fabric doughnuts. Stitch sequins, buttons and other decorations if you like.

Cut a small 2 inches round piece of felt. Stick the layers on this using hot glue. Start from the largest outermost layer and move inwards. Stitch a safety pin on the piece of felt and pin your brooch on the t-shirt for a trendy new look! You have also just saved heaps of money, which you can now spend on a new game of blackjack, a new pair of shoes to match or a fun night out! For comparison, check here for prices of flower brooches!


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