DIY crafts – Monogrammed Candles

We all know that everyone loves candles. Scented and cute candles make for ideal gifts for any occasion for any age group. If you make the candle yourself, and have it monogrammed to boot, your present will literally make someone’s day. You can even use them to promote an event, your business or brand. People will not be offended that you are using your gift to promote your business, because you have hand-made them.

You can make your candles to match the perfume that the intended recipient normally uses; this will make the gift extra special and kudos to you for attention to detail! These are relatively simple to make and cost you a fraction of what it might cost you to buy them from a lifestyle store. You can make it as budget friendly or as sophisticated and luxurious as the occasion and mood warrants.

What you need:

  1. Dauber tools from Martha Stewart’s glass stencilling kit (I use them)
  2. Multi surface paint (I use Martha’s)
  3. Stencils (I use Martha’s Fair Aisle Dots set)
  4. Candle Jar – I use candle jars from Specialty Bottles

You can use one of two different designs to personalize the candle holder. You can use the stencilling kit, the cardstock and the painter’s tape to stencil the desired pattern on the jar. Allow 21 days to have the jar fully cured. However, you can pour the wax into the jar in less than half an hour after you started as the jar would have dried by then.

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