Crafty ways to decorate your home

il_fullxfull.359973997_ofxlA flower vase here, a bowl there – a few simple crafty touches spruces up your house and adds warmth and beauty. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Bowl made out of buttons: This elegant bowl can be a centerpiece for your coffee table or side table. You can play around with colors and patterns to match the décor of your house. The project is relatively simple with only buttons, glue, a glass or Tupperware round-bottomed bowl and some aluminum foil.
  • Vase from a light bulb: This is a green craft which you can be proud of. An old light bulb can easily be turned into a beautiful vase which you can hang or set up to brighten your room. This is an easy project when done with a little care.
  • Paper quilt wall hanging: You can use this tutorial to make your own easy no-stitch paper quilt which you can hang up in a frame. This is a fun way to use up your color paper scraps or even postcards or other memorabilia.
  • Designer Lampshade: Make your own designer lampshade to light up any room and make a statement. It is definitely worth the effort and you will have a unique centerpiece which will be appreciated.
  • Wall of Plates: This is a low-cost craft which uses vintage plates from yard sales or thrift stores, but it paints a pretty picture. Simply apply wall decal with your favorite quote to the plates to create a wall that makes a statement.